Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives & selections, not chance, that determines your destiny. - Aristotle

Evidence is Important.  

We have many case studies to show you, including our "lab", working Internal Medicine practice, 
  • Accomplished: CMS Star Rated 4.75
  • Consistent: Consistently Ranks In Top < 1% for Quality and Cost
  • Profitable: This 2 MD 2 NPP Practice Received More Than $436,000 In Bonuses ALONE in 2018
  • Evidence-Based Tools:  Dr. Smith's Proprietary Point of Care Tools such as the HCC-RAF Recognition Tool Eliminate Click/scroll/questions/answers.  Make a Diagnosis.  The Tool tells your Nurse Scribe what to enter into EMR based on your medical decision-making.  You don't have to learn "How to Code"

The 1, 2, 3s of streamlining HCC Risk Adjustment According To Ronnie R Smith MD...

Ronnie R Smith MD, ABIM, RPVI, MBA
1. BE BOLD and Decisive based upon your Clinical Decision-Making skills and best judgement to make the most appropriate diagnosis to the highest level of specificity!

2. Then refer to the Quick HCC RAF Recognition tool to see if it’s listed. If so, select the ICD-10 code and ‘fast’ code it directly into your EHR.

3. Document the critical elements of M.E.A.T. concisely and focus your time and energy on developing an effective and efficient personalized care plan with an end goal of your PATIENT being a Healthier and Happier individual!

Advanced Options For 
Faster Success
If your goals are to improve performance in Value-Based Care (VBC) as quickly as possible with Certainty success will come, we provide a range of services to help your team successfully transform into experts in risk-adjusted healthcare.
Learn From Wherever You Are
Our expertise is delivered to you in "Hours" of educational content and consulting, be it Distance-Learning or our Concierge Mentorship Program.
100% No Questions Guarantee
If you do not see measurable gains in Risk Scoring and Quality Measures within 90 Days of IMPLEMENTING our Concierge VBC Mentorship Program FULLY AS DIRECTED we will issue a full refund for our fee.  It's never had to be done.
Advanced Tools & Resources
When our clients enter the Concierge VBC Mentorship Program, we Guarantee you will see Measurable gains within 90 Days of IMPLEMENTING our program AS IT IS LAID OUT, using our Proprietary Point-of-Care Quick Ref Guides AS DIRECTED.
We Do Not Teach You How To Code. 

We Transform Your Practice Into A Team Of Motivated, Focused, Intentional Population Health Management Experts.  Our Track Record Speaks For Itself.
Success Is Imminent, Rapid, And Sustainable.
We do what we do, transforming healthcare teams into value-based care and population health management experts beginning with its leader, the physician, through a combination of mediums: 
  • Live and On-Demand Video: Typically delivered via Webinars and Q&A's LIVE and Previously-aired
  • Free Access To White Papers: Previously $97, these give excellent foundation to begin transformation to VBC
  • Subscription Benefits: Get license to download video content for future personal use (no distribution rights granted)
  • You Choose: We provide LIVE Personal Coaching via phone, video conference, remote EMR access, email, and text
  • Credential Level Specific: All new concepts for physicians are presented by Master Trainer, Ronnie R Smith MD, ABIM, RPVI, MBA, practicing physician and Top < 1% Highest Quality AND Lowest Cost.  Other team members and situation-specific learning supported by non-physician value-based care clinicians, and Certified risk adjustment coding experts
  • On-Going Support: We interact with your team via in-person 1:1, 1:Many, credential/situation specific Support/Coach, asynchronous situation-specific response via video, email, and text​
  • TOOLS: If you use Our Proprietary Essential Point of Care Tools AS WE DIRECT, Success Is Imminent
  • Data Analysis: We will show you where you are losing Revenue that can easily, and QUICKLY be retained using 3 simple reports from IT
  • Full Diagnosis: We will break the news of where short-falls lie with empathy and compassion knowing 100% we have The Solution to The Problem
  • System: We will deliver full recommendations for a road map to success at the highest level along with a plan to Train-the-Trainers in your organization to accelerate and broaden your Success
  • On-Going Support:  We interact with your team via in-person 1:1, 1:Many, credential/situation specific Support/Coach, asynchronous situation-specific response via video, email, and text
  • ALL Tools:  Wherever we are supplying On-going Mentoring and Support, we will make our full complement of our Proprietary Essential Tools available for each point of care and Guide their Optimal On-going Utilization to facilitate Sustainability
  • We are Picky:  Our System Works when it is Implemented Fully As Directed.  We will be interacting heavily with you through a variety of mediums to Guide you through to your Transformation to become a Center of Excellence in Value-Based Care.  Success is Imminent.  Rapid. Guaranteed.  We must be congruent:  We invite you to Apply to Guarantee Your Successful Transformation
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